The MICAM and MIPEL Shows

The MY-MILANO.COM team was out at the Shoe & Bag Fair to see What’s “In”.

This is one of the first trade shows we have been to where our eyes were on other people’s feet! There was such an amazing flaunting of brand new, stylish footwear on the feet of exhibitors and visitors alike. . . perhaps, all but the journalists who, like us, had adopted a more comfortable “walking shoe” rather than a spiked heeled boot.

The new Milano-Rho Fiera is very striking from an architectural point of view. The flowing glass ribbon which covers the main central walkway and the water pools below make a wonderful contrast. This said, however, the layout of the fairground, while in theory is quite simple, is a nightmare as far as finding one’s way from one hall to the next or even to find the correct entrance to the hall itself. This is why a more “comfortable” shoe is a must if you plan to walk the endless kilometer of the main walkway.

So what’s “NEW”? What are the fashion dictates for the next season?

MICAM – the “Shoevent”, as it is called, is divided into categories of shoes from sophisticated women’s shoes, to elegant-luxury shoes, to children’s shoes, to trendy sport shoes. In each of these categories the Italian creativity and flair with combining the right materials and the right colors really attracts the eyes.

Streamlined Heels: One “trend”, if you can call it that, calls for the obsession of the long, long leg on a very high and elegantly formed heel. The shoe must be reflective and shiny through the use of particular shiny leathers or fabrics and applied jewels and décor. (Beautiful legs are NOT included, unfortunately)

Another trend included the Ballet pumps, still going strong in a variety of colors and leather effects, like “quilting” for example.

There were also a lot of sandals, both Fifties cocktail styles and jewelled, slashed wedges. There were also ultra-flat sandals and flip-flop styles.

Leathers are glossy, softened, with bold colors and high-impact accessories.

Sharp styling is back for men. The Spring-Summer 2008 will offer them moccasins and laced shoes with a lot of high-quality leathers treated for a “sporty” look. There are lots of collections for “free time”, a more informal version, in which shoes are casual but always with an eye on elegance.

. . .and then the MIPEL collection.

MIPEL is the Bag and Belt Fair, much smaller in size than the MICAM shoe fair, with only three main halls.

The main trends for BAGS is in size. They are big and bigger OR small and micro versions. Bags will also be more constructed, with heavy accessories, decorative top-stitching, lots of compartments and pockets. There will be more backpacks, more functional details, and small accessories will still be very important.

The colors are light and luminous, warm and natural, or metallic.

A couple of companies, gained our attention for their uniqueness and creativity in their use of fabrics and in their construction methods. Neither of them is Italian, and perhaps for this very reason is less “influenced” by the general Italian “Look”.

MO – by Maria Roca S.L. A Spanish company located in Madrid, whose collection includes bags and belts, jewelry and some pieces of clothing. Every piece is rich in it’s combination of materials, colors and a playful dose of creativity.

Harold's Cubicbag

Harold's Raboison Bag

Harold’s Lederwaren GmbH A German company showing more structured and “designed” bags ranging from the Cubicbag: stored as a flat shape it opens to full size when filled and is make of fabric originally used for softtops of convertibles. The Raboison bag: a simple unisex and ageless design made in oiled and waxed calf leather to give it an “aged” look.

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