Issue 7 - April 2008

April has arrived and along with it the “Salone del Mobile” - the Milan Furniture Fair which has just begun. It is Milan’s biggest event of the year and can already be felt in the air and as some late, desperate visitors are still looking for some accommodation that just cannot be found. In the meantime, we prepared for what is about to come.

So what is new on MY-MILANO.COM?

One of the most interesting events will be an exhibition called “Water=Life” that presents the projects of young architects and designers on water as a sustainable resource.

While Zona Tortona prepares for the Salone and all the Fuori Salone events that will take place there, we had a look at Milan's Chinatown and report on the hot spots in this district of town.

We also visited the exhibition “Gioiello Italiano” - Italian Jewelry where we could discover amazing work in classical jewelry design, innovative materials and techniques and creative works of artists and architects.

As promised last month, now you can read our detailed report on the “Franciacorta” region and the production of sparkling wine.

MY-MILANO.COM has also started its page with links to other Info Sites about Milan, Associations, Interesting Topics and Thoughts and Friends.

Finally Milan has some really big big news, no we are not talking about the election results, and the new government in Italy. We are talking about Milan being selected as the host city for the EXPO in 2015. Congratulations! We are looking forward to this event and its preparations in the next few years. There will be a lot of new developments to talk about.

See you next month with our special edition about Zona Tortona and the Salone del Mobile.


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