Issue 3 - December 2007

December in Milan, just like in many other cities, means preparing for Christmas and the Holidays. But Milan celebrates already before Christmas. S.Ambrogio the feast of the city's patron.

So what is new on MY-MILANO.COM?

On December 7, Milan holds its own personal city celebration, S. Ambrogio. This is every year the occasion in which "La Scala" opens the new season, the big event of the year. S. Ambrogio is also the date when the Milanese decorate their houses for Christmas and put up their Christmas tree. But it is especially the occasion for a "ponte", a small holiday before the real holiday starts.

So MY-MILANO.COM is already in a Christmas mood and you can share it with us.

Christmas time is always food time. Do you have your Christmas Menu already planned? Or would you like to get some inspiration to bring something different on the table. MY-MILANO. COM selected some places where you can take cooking classes. You can also discover the secret of the original Milanese Panettone The wonderful Italian Christmas cake. And you can learn more about the Daily Rituals in Milan.

While Christmas shopping we discovered more shops to add on our Favorite Shops Directory. Books, beauty and wellness products or something nice to wear for the kids make great presents.

After all these preparations, Christmas dinners and parties Milan's pace will now slow down for two weeks of holidays when most Milanese leave the city to visit family and go to a skiing holiday. We will be back in January with more news and trends from Italy's most trendy city.

Have a wonderful holiday time. Love and Peace to all of you.