Issue 13 - February 2009

The winter has been cold and snowy here in Milan. The snowfalls have broken records, and the city went in “tilt” on several occasions. However, we all like to think that spring is just around the corner, and in spite of the international “crisis” and economic plans for recovery, The My-Milano.Com Team is proceeding with “business as usual” and are happy to announce the launch of our My-Milano.Com Online Shop.

So what is new on MY-MILANO.COM?

Of course the MY-MILANO.COM Online Shop. Finally you can buy original Milanese products directly from our Fav Shops Shops through us even when you are not coming to Milan. And if you are coming to Milan you can book through us, fantastic events, services and experiences in Milan from the Service Providers listed on MY-MILANO.COM.

Whether it is Personal Shopping Tours, or special Culinary Experiences like a coffee ceremony on Lake Como you can book unforgettable events for your stay in Milan.

It is easy to shop and order products, special events and services through the MY-MILANO.COM shopping cart provided by the internationally accepted Paypal circuit. You can use your credit card or pre-paid card on this safe-site, without giving out your private credit card information. Check it out often as new products and services will be constantly added.

With the arrival of the Online Shop we have changed the structure of our website a little. We have created a new section about the Districts of Milan so you can explore the city area by area. The districts “Chinatown” and “Zona Tortona” are already on and upcoming are “Zona Magenta” and “Zona Ticinese” and much more further on.

We removed the section In & On because we wanted to concentrate more on our core business presenting the insider’s view of Milan and leave the news to the news people as we cannot deliver a total news coverage for Milan. But don’t worry no information will be missing. We will still report about news and trends that seem interesting to us in our Blogs. So check them out regularly to get the right picture about what is In & On in Milan, sometimes more sometimes less seriously. Talking about Blogs, you might also want to see the “new Look” of Ann's Blog , as she has decided to join Barbara's Blog in the Wordpress world of blogs. We would like to hear from you, so comments are more than welcome.


Do you think your business is something we should know about? Are you interested in advertising on MY-MILANO.COM.? Do you want to participate as a seller in the MY-MILANO.COM online shop? Then please contact us at