Issue 5 - February 2008

February means “Carnevale” and Skiing Holidays but it also means romance and Valentine’s Day looking forward to a beautiful spring that will arrive soon.

So what is new on MY-MILANO.COM?

February is the month of carnival where anything goes, as the Milanese say.

Once this is over romance rules the rest of the month.
In fact we choose on purpose Valentine's Day to send out our newsletter because romance has it’s particular role in Italy and Italy evokes romantic ideas in nearly everyone.

Looking back to New Year purposes and looking out to the near arrival of spring MY-MILANO.COM thought about all those of you who decided to get married soon and what could be more romantic than getting married in Italy?
Impossible, you say? Oh no, read through our pages and make your dream come true.

If you are still in a dating phase and looking for the right restaurant for Valentine’s Day have a glance at our newly updated restaurant pages. They also help if you are in need of a quick lunch, a home delivery, a good business restaurant or even a private dining service with a chef that cooks at your house.

Coming soon: CRACCO COFFEE DESIGN is opening in April at the Triennale di Milano. Hopefully just in time for that mad, hectic week when the Salone del Mobile – the Milan Furniture fair will bring thousands of designers and furniture manufacturers and buyers to the city for a week full of events and surprises. The Cracco Coffee Design is a new museum cafeteria which will soon become the “In” place to meet your friends for a morning coffee or a light lunch while visiting the new Design Museum or a current exhibition.

Furthermore Barbara has transformed and outsourced her Blog that is now called " How to ride a scooter in High Heels " and will now have all typical Blog features including the possibility to add your comments.

We wish you all a wonderful Valentine’s Day


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