Issue 4 - January 2008

So here we are in 2008. After the holidays, big dinners and parties, family reunions and traveling, the new year is finally here, full of new plans and outlooks for the future.

So what is new on MY-MILANO.COM?

What are your plans and goals for the new year? Oh yeah, it is always the same after too many slices of panettone or too many Christmas cookies: getting back in shape, going on a diet, going to the gym more often. We don’t want to ruin your good intentions, by all means do go to the gym and do your workout but don’t go on a diet right now. Wait until January is over and attend IDENTITA' GOLOSE before starting to count your calories. A four-day congress with Italy’s most famous chefs and chocolatiers. Don’t miss it!

And as you happen to be here in Milan anyway, seize the occasion to hunt for some fantastic bargains during the SALDI, , the winter sales.

Check out our latest entries in our shop directory to make sure you find what you are looking for.

Just back from the holidays the Milanese had to get used to a new phenomenon in town the ECO-Pass. In an attempt to alleviate Milan’s smog and traffic problem, driving into the city centre is now subject to payment. We will follow this phenomenon and observe what results and consequences it will bring for the daily life of the Milanese and for the visitors to the city. One thing for sure, the electronic navigators are in tilt as many one way streets have changed directions and some streets are not accessible to cars anymore.

This is good for the shoppers, walkers and for MY-MILANO.COM when hunting for new shops.

Have a wonderful time until
you here from us again in February.



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