Issue 10 - July/August 2008

Summer has arrived finally and as every year Milan somehow becomes more Italian than it is normally. People are hanging out on the streets in bars and ice-cream parlors, and people on Vespas are wearing summer dresses and shorts and it seems that only the hardliners in the law firms and investment banks stick to the rigid Milanese dress code.

So what is new on MY-MILANO.COM?

The town is getting emptier and emptier. In the middle of June with the beginning of the school holidays the kids, non working mothers and grandparents had left the city to escape to the seaside. July is the month where the ones that stayed in town leave for the weekends to see their families or to get some refreshment. Then when August arrives nearly everybody will be gone. Just some lost souls that have to keep the offices going remain. Statistics say that the number of people staying in town for August is growing bigger every year and so the City of Milan has dedicated a special summer program of activities to this phenomenon and of course also to the tourists that visit the city. Click here to download the program brochure.

Special events will also take place at the Idroscalo – Milan’s “seaside”.

We also used July when the shops are still open to update our shop directory before the big summer break. New entries can be found in two new categories: “Flowers, Gifts & Decoration” and " Pets ”, as well as under “ Sports”, “Fashion & Accessories” and “Interiors & Design”.

And there is another great new initiative in town to fight air pollution. BikeMi a bike sharing and renting system that will be fully operative in autumn. In Piazza del Duomo and Piazza San Babila the first renting stations can be seen, so Milan is doing its best to catch up with cities like Paris where such programs are already running successfully.

MY-MILANO.COM will surely take a test ride in September and report how BikeMi changes the city.

Just as big parts of the city, MY-MILANO.COM is closing down in August for a well-deserved summer break, so there will be no Newsletter the next month. But we will be back in September sun-tanned, freshly inspired and full of new ideas and initiative

Have a lovely summer holiday


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