Issue 9 - June 2008

June means, summertime is here, we spend our weekends at the seaside and the holidays are approaching..... wait this year is different ... it’s been raining and raining and raining and no summer can be seen. What is happening to good old Milan?

So what is new on MY-MILANO.COM?

Nearly an entire month of rain is such an unusual event in Milan that it changed the habits of the Milanese and created a new cult – Rain Boots.

But of course sooner or later the rain will stop and therefore we scouted a bit around the Ligurian seaside and report about the Cinque Terre and Portovenere

The delayed but still arriving summer season inspired us also to update our restaurant directory and we found a couple of nice places to eat outside but also new entries to Asian Food, Casual Dinner, Romantic Dinner and Quick Lunch

And there are also new entries in the Elegant Apartments for Short Term Rental section of our Places to Stay directory.

After last month’s special about Zona Tortona we felt it was time to go back there to see what it is like on an ordinary day. Out came a long list of interesting shops and places to go, all the way up Via Tortona and down Via Savona and through some of the side streets.

Two interesting exhibits, Francis Bacon and Antonio Canova have been held over to the end of August due to the great interest and number of visitors. So if you did not have a chance to see them yet, there is still some time left.

See you next month with more news from Milan the


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