Issue 15 - November-December 2009

Winter is almost here in Milan. The fall leaves have turned yellow and have fallen and Christmas illuminations are filling the streets. The holiday season in Milan begins “officially” on December 7th, the city’s holiday for the patron saint of Milan: Saint Ambrose. (Sant’ Ambrogio). The famous Christmas market – O bei O bei!, which was originally located in the little streets around the Basilica of Sant Ambrogio has now moved to the area around the Sforzesco Castle. This day is also the official opening of the opera season at La Scala Theater. Milan is undergoing continuous changes, as always, and some preparations in the infrastructure of the city are being built for the EXPO 2015. More about the EXPO as the news arrives.

My-Milano.Com is undergoing some big changes too. Our “Phase 2” has begun and the project My Insider's Guide for various cities around the globe is being developed as new cities are added and “Directors” for the various cities are being selected. If you would like to be our “Insider” for one of these cities, please Contact Us and we will give you full details.

Barbara is now in Munich, for example to investigate the real “insider’s tips” there. Look for upcoming information and guidelines for your next visit to Munich. Another big change that will be undergoing is the addition of a new Content 2.0 format which will let our readers send their own personal suggestions, photos, news and tips about Milan. Share your latest discovery with all of us! Look for these new pages on our website soon.

So what is new on MY-MILANO.COM?

We have added some new fantastic shops and restaurants to our directory. Under the new category of Jewelry you will find a unique jewelry designer who can offer you both modern designs and more traditional pieces.

Under Wellness will find a perfect spot to pass a relaxing afternoon with a massage, or other soothing treatments, especially good after all that Christmas shopping!

Looking for good organic foods, breads and meats? Our Specialty Foods section will lead you to a great place to shop or to have your favorite fruits and vegetables delivered to you at home.

Going to a friend’s for dinner and want to buy a special bottle of wine. You will find a huge selection of wines from all over the world to choose from at this small, cozy wine bar in Chinatown, find it in the Aperitivo section.

In Brera we have added a wonderful new restaurant which is open for both lunch and dinner, see Casual Dining. Their menu offers both traditional Milanese and Tuscan foods and the décor is warm and pleasant.

Is there a special anniversary coming up? A birthday or other celebration? In the Romantic restaurants section you will find the perfect place to celebrate with memorable food and wines.

If you are coming to Milan you can book through us, fantastic events, services and experiences in Milan from the Service Providers listed on MY-MILANO.COM.

Whether it is Personal Shopping Tours, or special Culinary Experiences like a coffee ceremony on Lake Como you can book unforgettable events for your stay in Milan. If you love wine, why not treat yourself to Your Personal Sommelier? Visit one of Milan’s fine enoteches, or take a trip to the Piedmont region to the wineries themselves, to select your own collection of special wines.

We have also added two Photographers to our service providers. Take a look at their websites and see how they can help you. You may fancy a family portrait for the holidays.

It is easy to shop and order special events and services through the MY-MILANO.COM shopping cart provided by the internationally accepted Paypal circuit. You can use your credit card or pre-paid card on this safe-site, without giving out your private credit card information. Check it out often as new products and services will be constantly added.

Find out what is going on in Milan and about news and trends that seem interesting to us through our Blogs. We would like to hear from you and encourage your comments.

Take a glance at the “new Look” of Ann's Blog, and her recent posts. . For example, Bill Clinton was in Milan in late October and we were there too!

We are adding new sections to our website and the newest is Schools & Courses. We will have a list of the best International Schools in Milan and the suburbs, as well as a whole range of possible courses to take (some in English and others in Italian) including cooking classes, computer, creating writing, acting, singing, tennis, golf, and of course languages! Need to perfect your Italian? Want to speak English better? Now is the time to investigate these possibilities. The winter is cold and long and it is a good time to hit the books!


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A trendy cocktail in Milan, with foreign origins, is the “SPRITZ”. It arrived in the northern Italian region of Veneto from Austria as the “Spritzer” – half white wine half sparkling water, but since then has changed and broadened its ingredients. The main ingredients are white wine or Prosecco and a dash of a bitter liqueur such as Aperol or Campari and topped off with sparkling water or “Seltz”. You can garnish it with a fresh slice of orange or an olive depending on the liqueur and your personal creativity. Try it yourself with your favorite white wine or Prosecco and use your favorite bitter liqueur and serve it over ice. ” Cin Cin! “