Issue 2 - November 2007

October gave us beautiful warm sunny days here in Milan. So it was just the right weather for


to go out to find nice shops and new locations.

So what is new on MY-MILANO.COM?

After a hectic September, October has a more routined pace. Everything is back to normal and so we dedicated some time to showing you the normal life in Milan and to introduce you to some Daily Rituals of which more will follow in the coming months.

As the weather was so nice there was no way to think about buying winter coats or boots so we kept on wearing Ballerinas and looked for the best places to find them.

Along with Ballerina shopping comes the need for Coffee and Chocolate where we have our own preferred places to go.

A special event in October was the opening of Trikeles the first and only concept store about art and antiques made in Sicily.

We also rediscovered ES Intimo the small but luxurious lingerie shop in the city center where we admired the new autumn collection of lingerie and nightwear.

The beginning of November came and with it the first public transport strikes. So while Barbara made her way through Milanese traffic she thought it might be worth a few lines in her Blog. And then the sad news arrived that Enzo Biagi had died and Ann dedicated to him her first Blog entry with considerations on Enzo and role models.

Now slowly but surely autumn has reached Milan and we are getting closer and closer to Christmas. MY-MILANO.COM is preparing the Christmas Issue of our Newsletter and we have to get dressed for all the parties and dinners. So the next edition will surely be about presents, celebrations and food,

Have a wonderful time.