Issue 1 October 2007

So here we are with our “first ever edition” of our Newsletter. As you
might know


has just started out and our site is still
growing, but from now on we will provide you every month with a short resumé of what’s new.

So what is new on MY-MILANO.COM?

September was the Fashion month in Milan with the
Shoe and Leather Fair and the famous Milano Moda Donna.

So it was once again Fashion Week in Milan.
That means no Taxis, an over crowded Metro,
unfriendly and stressed waiters and overexcited men
because there are so many beautiful models around.
And this time it was also pouring with rain.

Nevertheless MY-MILANO. COM went out to the fairs
to check out what the latest trends are. We did not
follow the runway shows of the well-established
brands. You can read about them in Vogue or you
can look what Suzy Menkes has to say, which is
always excellent and entertaining.

We concentrated on the alternative fair WHITE, attended
some events of newcomers and had a
closer look at eco-fashion.

In our personal blogs you can also find our very
spontaneous reactions and personal opinions and some
other impressions we had from the fashion week.
Throughout the month of October MY-MILANO.COM
will still grow. We are adding pages daily infact!
We will also get our complete finished look with
illustrations by Sara Not of which we are very proud.
Sara is a famous illustrator in Italy who has illustrated
many books for the biggest publishers in Italy
specializing in children and women’s literature and she
also regularly illustrates for the Italian Issue of “Vanity

MY-MILANO.COM is also working intensely on setting
up our online-store. So will be able to purchase some
of the products we have selected from our favorite
shops. So you can see it is always worth while having a
glance from time to time.

Have a wonderful time.