The Districts of Milan

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Milan changes its face from one district to the other. The glamourous Golden Quadrilateral, the busy city centre, the bohemian Zona Tortona, the artistic Brera, the classical Zona Magenta, the young Città Studi or the picturesque Navigli district - every area of town has its own story and its own characteristic places to discover.

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Just like every city, Milan has its Chinatown. Not as big as the one in London and not as famous as the one in NY or in San Francisco, but it is still worth a trip to browse around the shops.

A visit to Chinatown

Zona Tortona

Zona Tortona is one of Milan's most trendiest district that emerged only very recently. It changes its face dramatically during the few weeks of the year during the furniture fair or the fashion week. Read about these different aspects:

The emergence of Zona Tortona
Zona Tortona on an ordinary day
Zona Tortona during the Salone del Mobile

Corso Magenta

Corso Magenta is one of the most typical and important streets in Milan. Here you can find cultural sites such as Leonardo Da Vinci's Last Supper or Teatro Litta but also wonderful shops and coffee bars. You can spend an entire day without getting bored.

Corso Magenta - The Heart of the Classical Milano