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DR. FITNESS - Donovan Russell

Why train with Donovan Russell?

First of all, he is a serious professional trainer and he loves his job. He has over 18 years of experience and is very meticulous when working with you. Donovan uses various effective training methods to help both men and women succeed in their goals. He provides various customised programs in a fully equipped private studio gym in “the heart of Milan”, at your own home or outdoors in a local park.

As an extra bonus all of the training is done in English and if English is not your native language you get a chance to improve your English while working out!

Donovan's background as an Athlete means that he leads by example, having worked with various fitness magazines he focuses only on reaching all of his clients goals by designing programs that are effective, fun and challenging for people of all fitness levels.
There is only ONE thing that he asks from you, “Commitment”.

What are the benefits of Boxing Fitness?
Improving cardio vascular fitness
Excellent for burning calories
Increase Muscular strength and Endurance
Improve motor skills
Improve Flexibility
Outstanding for stress relief
Fun and challenging

Using different forms of training some of which include Boxing fitness, Circuits, Functional training, Crossfit training, weights training, Kettlebells and TRX, Donovan focuses on all the bodies fitness components resulting in your body becoming much more efficient in your physical pursuits and helping you to reach your goals much more quicker.

Take a live video tour of the private training studio/gym!

In this 6 minute video Donovan personally shows you what the gym has to offer.

Whether you need to lose body fat, increase your strength and stamina, drop a dress size, increase lean muscle mass, improve posture, get nutritional advice and learn healthy eating or just want a more toned body these are just some of the things that Donovan will help you achieve.

Take the first steps and contact Donovan for a free consultation and complimentary workout session!

Visit the DR. Fitness website for more in-depth information about Donovan and his services.

Be trained by an Athlete! Donovan Russell, British born, Registered Exercise Professional (REP) can help you take charge of yourself.


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