TRIKELES – the first and only concept store on art and antiques made in Sicily has opened in Milan

TRIKELES is the Greek word for the Trinacria, the Medusa head with three legs that is the symbol of Sicily. What better name could have been chosen for a concept store that is tied to art and antiques made exactly in that region.
The shop opened on October 11 in Milan, in Via Marsala directly in the bohemian and trendy Brera quarter with an inaugural evening that created a piece of Sicily in Milan.

The picturesque candlelit courtyard of TRIKELES hosted a Sicilian aperitivo with wine and food from Pantelleria served in original ceramic and wooden bowls.

For the launch TRIKELES has chosen an outstanding product range of artworks, jewelry, artisan works and antiques that will be available in the shop for the next months:
A collection of 15 oil on canvas paintings ”Mari”- Seas by Michele Ciacciofera who recreates the colors and atmosphere of Sicily with a profound and intense blue.

Patchwork Fabric Items like plaids and pillow cases by Eugenio Vazzano. He mixes pieces of different types of fabrics into a harmonious creation that can be multicolored or playing with different shades of one color. The precision of the stitching and the quality of the fabrics enhances the value of these precious objects.

A selection of antique amphorae from Caltagirone: the quintessence of Mediterranean interior style.

Jewelry made by Lilli Bernardo who creates contemporary pieces of silver and gold that hold massive black stones. Each piece is unique and incomparable in its style and will not remain unobserved.

But what is the story behind TRIKELES? Three successful businessmen with Sicilian origins that live in Milan for career reasons, a banker, an editor and a tax advisor felt at a certain point of their careers that they would like to do something that they were more passionate about, something more rewarding, something creative. A trip they took together back to their region of origin brought the idea to them.. Developing one European territory in its artwork and bringing it to the world with a shop. The rest went very quick as if destiny was helping them. Finding the right location in Brera, the possibility to change the jobs into part-time work and meeting the right artists.

Creating a concept store about a region in times of Globalization is an act of bravery and creativity. TRIKELES is to be considered a role model for the possibility to curate a regional identity and to support and maintain a cultural inheritance without narrow-mindedness integrating it into a world that grows smaller. MY-MILANO.COM loves that idea and we will keep you updated on the latest developments and featured artists in the future at TRIKELES.

BNF 10/2007

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