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All about the co-directors of the MY-MILANO.COM website:

Ann Marinelli and Barbara Niemann Fadani

Ann Marinelli was born in the USA. Being of Italian descent (her father and all of her grandparents were born in Italy) she had always had an urge to go to Italy, or “the old country”, as it was affectionately referred to by the Italian immigrants, to see and to experience life there. This curiosity to discover more about this far away land led her to “inventing” a way to get there. After having studied Interior Architecture and Furniture Design in the States, and constantly reading all of the Italian magazines available in the college library, she adventured an “internship” in a well-known Milanese architectural and design studio. This six-month “experience” turned into more than 30 years of life in Milan. What more can be said, there is something about Milan that “sticks to you”!

So what has 30+ years done to a “foreigner” in Milan? Well, she has a lot of stories to tell, and a lot of “experiences” to share. Being a professional woman in Milan is not easy either. Nor is being a Mom... Italian “Mammas” are very different! Read more about this in her Personal Blog.

The MY-MILANO.COM is the most recent of these new “adventures”. Along with Barbara Niemann Fadani, another foreigner , professional woman and mother of two with the same “Passion” for finding unique and beautiful treasures hidden in the city, she has created “The one and only distinctive insider’s guide to Milan”.

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Barbara Niemann Fadani , IP lawyer and journalist spent most of her life in International Law Firms. She was born in Germany and until she met that Italian guy she would have sworn to move to London but as live goes… The story how she arrived in Milan is just too long and unimportant to fully report, but to cut it short, in the end it was her own decision and as the Italians say: "Volevi la bicicletta allora pedala..." " You wanted the bicycle, so ride it“.

With her innate irony and directness she describes her relationship to Milan as a love-hate-relationship. She loves it because it is so Italian and she hates it because it is so Italian. You will find more of these sides in her Personal Blog.

The idea for launching My-Milano.com was born during one of her visits to London, another town with which she has a love-hate-relationship, where she realized that the main shopping roads in modern big towns are pretty much identical with the same shops, brands and items. So she decided to propose a different kind of guide to a city that is outstanding in its creativity and style but difficult to discover beyond the mainstream.

Recently Barbara moved back to Germany where she applies the My-Milano.com concept to her My-Munich-Blog.

Barbara is inspired by:
Anita Roddick, Ingrid Betancourt, Sister Parish, Jackie Kennedy, Alice Schwarzer, Eckhart Tolle, all the women in the world who manage to feed their kids and still be at work on time and all the women in the world who are truly independent.