Ballerinas are still one of the hottest trends in Milan.

Of course they have been the dernier crie throughout the world for hot weather and since the 50’s they have never really been out of fashion.
In Milan we also love to wear them in winter. They are very trendy with woolen stockings and tight jeans. Teenagers love them with striped multicolor stockings and also kids go crazy for them. But those super flat light shoes are not only for the young ones. They are so classical that you can wear them even at 55+ with classical trousers or skirts. They come in all colors and you can find them everywhere in town in different price ranges, branded and not branded.

The special place to buy Ballerina shoes, though, is PORSELLI.
With a small hidden shop just next to La Scala, PORSELLI has ever since been the supplier for ballet shoes and dance wear for the famous “Corpo di Ballo” of La Scala and its dancing school. It is a place where dreams are made. I remember when I took ballet lessons back in Germany when I was just seven years old we used to order our shoes at PORSELLI in Milan and it was an event when the packages arrived and we took out these beautiful objects made of pink silk. Back then PORSELLI was like an unreachable place somewhere in fantasyland.
I guess many girls throughout the world get dreamy eyes thinking about ballet shoes and tutus and professional dancers. So if you still have that little girl inside, you will love to go and see PORSELLI.
And even if you are not ballet dancing anymore, you can buy Ballerina shoes there and take home one of the lovely pink shopping bags, because PORSELLI did us all a big favor by creating a High-Street-Version of their classical dancing shoe. They provide it with a super thin leather sole and propose it in every imaginable color and shade. It is the ultimate Ballerina – the cult object. Every Milanese has several pairs of them in her closet and keeps adding other colors.

A must have for this winter are the metallic shades or the bicolor version with a Chanel-like black or metallic toe combined with any color you like.

Piazza P. Ferrari
20121 Milano
MM Duomo (Red Line)

Porselli Shopping Bag

BNF Nov. 07

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