Body & Mind as seen by Sara Not

The city can be a JUNGLE. Find the best and most stimulating sources for the Body & Mind. Relax, keep fit and explore the city of Milan. It is not only possible but it is FUN too! Join us in discovering where to go, what to do in Milan.


Personal Trainer

It is time to stop making excuses and start improving your health and body. A Personal Trainer is the solution. Workout at your own pace and on a one-to one basis to attain those results you always knew possible.

Places to Feel Good

Fitness & Spas

Need to stretch your limbs? Ready to sprint? Relax, and read on to discover how to keep fit indoors or out.

Dental Health

Keep your smile bright with regular dental care. Healthy and straight teeth can solve many eating, breathing and sleeping problems.

General Health

Whatever your needs, you will find qualified English speaking professionals to answer your health questions.