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Dental health is so important not only for a beautiful smile, but also for your general well-being. Here at the Quality Dental Center in Via Mario Pagano 42, just a few steps from the subway stop, you can find the professional expertise of Dr. Ruth Delli Carpini who will immediately put you at ease and deal with all your questions and needs.

The center is equipped to perform all of the latest medical solutions including titanium implants, esthetic dentistry, invisible orthodontics, pro-light bleaching and has their own in-house Panoramix and Lateral Teleradiograph technologies.

Your children will love their visit to the dentist! Dr. Ruth will patiently explain to you and your children what dental services are necessary for a healthy mouth and better breathing and sleeping.

Call and make your appointment for a consultation.

Dr. Ruth Delli Carpini
Via Mario Pagano 42
20145 Milano
MM Pagano (Red Line)
Tel: +39 02 36 55 25 50
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