Design Library Café

Design Library Cafe Bar

What is the hottest new place for designers to go in Milan for a quiet breakfast, lunch or dinner while having access to the first library entirely dedicated to design?

James Irvine and Maddalena Casadei have continued their concept used in the DesignLibrary in Via Savona 11, to expand it’s horizons in new the DesignLibraryCafé , which was just inaugurated at the same address last month.

The opening of the café continues the original concept of the designers: to create a welcoming environment for study, research, meetings and conferences. The two spaces, in fact, share a design vision where the visitors can access the world’s leading design books and magazines. The Design Library Café, however, is not just another “design oriented” café’ but it is open to the public as well and is located in the famous design quarter of Milan known as ZONA TORTONA. Design Cafe Tables The Café is dominated by the monolithic bar, a serpentine form, which snakes through the space and is crafted from ‘Terrazzo Veneziano’. A strong architectural minimalistic feel and simplicity of the café’ is enriched by delicate lighting effects of the LED lighting system, hidden behind a series of shelves.

Design Cafe Low seating

The seating area is divided into two ‘zones’: a relaxation area with sofas, ottomans and coffee tables; and the area dedicated to the pleasures of the table. The rectangular tables, fixed to the floor, can be adapted to different situations thanks to a specially designed ‘bridge’ which can be used to join the tables together, passing from an intimate setting into a place suited for larger gatherings. All of the furnishings were carefully chosen by the architects to fit into the architectural setting of the café.

Changing according to the season and the creativity of the Chef Gabriele Guglielmetti, the Mediterranean Menu offers healthy dishes created with care and prepared using natural, simple techniques which respect the organic nature of the ingredients. The kitchen is always open, from breakfast time until late at night, making it an ideal place to make your next appointment with colleagues or friends or even to catch a quick bite when alone.

Breakfast at the DesignLibraryCafé offers a selection of sweet and savoury pastries, biscuits, home made cakes, muffins and toasted sandwiches. At lunchtime the dishes are designed for people wanting a quick meal without sacrificing on quality and flavour. The dishes are available until 8pm and include walnut and cereal minestrone, home-made pumpkin fettuccine, grilled lamb with braised vegetables and casseroles of all kinds. From 8pm onward, dinner is served. The dishes are more elaborate like ‘garden vegetable strudel with crème of fennel and potato or spaghetti with scallion and caviar or Tofu and vegetable stir-fry with stuffed lentils and chilli-sesame spinach.

The wine list presents a range of carefully selected Italian regional wines from organically grown grapes offering whites and reds of high quality.

Open to the public Monday to Sunday (closed Saturday)
from 7 am to 1 am

Via Savona 11, Milan
Tel. 02 89423329
MM Sant Agostino (Green Line)

AM Mar. 08

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