Corso Magenta - The Heart of the Classical Milano

I love Corso Magenta, it is my absolute favorite street in Milan. You can spend an entire day there without getting bored or tired and you will get to know everything that makes this city so typical. In fact I would say Corso Magenta is the most typical Milanese street - traditional, classical, elegant, fashionable but historical and very busy and lively.

Corso Magenta starts near the Banking and Finance district where it leads to Via Meravigli and goes up to Piazzale Baracca where it leads to Corso Vercelli a gorgeous modern shopping road. And in between you can find of course Santa Maria delle Grazie and Leonardo Da Vinci’s Last Supper but also other cultural signposts such as Teatro Litta or the Museo Archeologico, the museum for archeology and beautiful shops and great bars and stops to have coffee, lunch or any other break to rest a bit.

So where do you start the day on Corso Magenta?
My suggestion: Start with a Breakfast at Pasticceria Marchesi that you will find right at the beginning of Corso Magenta on the corner with Via Santa Maria alla Porta. Pasticceria Marchesi is Milan’s most antique pastry shop and bakery and the interior and the atmosphere is still original. Entering Marchesi is like stepping back through time and the Cappuccino and Brioches in the morning are special just as the elegant Milanese that are having their coffee in the morning at Marchesi’s.

And here are all the Must Do’s on Corso Magenta:

- Have Breakfast at Pasticceria Marchesi
- Breathe the energy in the garden of Santa Maria delle Grazie’s on a sunny morning
- Have an aperitivo at the Colonial Cafè
- Have an afternoon coffee or tea at Biffi’s
- Have a brief walk up Via de Togni and look at the architecture
- Buy a personalized bag or beauty case at My Style Bags
- Buy a beautiful photo book about Milan at the Libreria degli Attelani

How to spend the rest of the day? Here are the MY-MILANO.COM suggestions:

Corso Magenta, moving upwards from Via Meravigli

Corso Magenta,2 ,


A traditional shop for the classy houshold. You can get household and bed linen, household uniforms for your maid and butler or chauffeur, (if you happen to have one) but you can also get wonderful children’s clothes and shoes in original Italian style. Casa del Bianco is definitely worth a stop.

Corso Magenta, corner Via Santa Maria alla Porta


We have said it all above. Just go in and order a cappuccino and brioche.

Corso Magenta, 11


Pellini is a famous Italian family business in jewelry design now already in it’s third generation. Designer, Donatella Pellini, uses materials such as glass, crystal and resin in her very personal and original way with astonishing results. The jewelry is made in Pellini’s laboratory in Via Morigi and all collections are limited.

Corso Magenta 15


The museum for archeology is divided in two parts. One is at the Castello Sfozesco with the prehistoric and Egyptian section and the other one here on Corso Magenta, where you can find the Greek, Etruscan, Roman and barbaric sections.


Italian fashion for men and women at its best. Get a great Italian look from head to toe.

Corso Magenta, 22


“It was the time…” is the meaning of the name of this tiny beautiful shop where you can buy watches of the most luxurious brands in the world.

Corso Magenta, 24


Teatro Litta is Milan’s most antique theatre with an impressive Lombard baroque architecture, which alone is worth a visit. Apart from Theatre performances there are also workshops and courses and there is special program with performances for kids.Part of the Theatre is Boccascena Cafè a lunch and aperitive bar with an artistic interior.
For more information and the program see:

Corso Magenta, 25


Just across the road from Palazzo Litta you can find this cute cafè in Art Deco Style that is particularly nice in the warmer seasons when you can sit outside.

Corso Magenta, 27


One of the rare independent record stores that does not belong to a chain of record companies or editors., as well as being a Milanese tradition. Go in and buy some “Musica Italiana” as a souvenir, but of course you can get all other music as well.

Corso Magenta, 20


One of the most prestigious antique shops in Milan, as you would expect to find in this elegant and sophisticated street.

Corso Magenta, 31


Fashion Accessories Boutique with a nice collection of handbags and jewelry always in the colors and style of the latest Milanese fashion and absolutely not expensive.

Corso Magenta, 32


A boutique with clothes and accessories in a classical but casual style. Here you find the right outfit for the weekend and everything is easy to mix and match because of the coordination in colors.

Corso Magenta corner Via Carducci


Yes, the famous Bar Magenta, you will find it in every city guide and it can’t be missing here. Avoid it at lunch time, when it is too crowded, but, especially in summer, do have an aperitivo and stand outside in the crowd.

Corso Magenta, 39


“Natural, fresh & ready” says the slogan of this little take-away and fast restaurant and it says it all. Healthy food, ready to eat, all time of day – is a pretty new concept in Milan but a huge success.

Corso Magenta, 45


A book and newspaper store with fantastic photo books about Milan and Italian cookbooks but not only – they also have English books and a wide range of International magazines and newspapers. So if you need some news from home, here you will find it.

Corso Magenta, 48


The name is the address. A small stylish bar that is open from breakfast time until late evening. It is already listed under our aperitivo section because we think it is best at this time of day. This is when the light enhances the interiors most. Twice a week, on Wednesdays and Fridays, there is also life music.


The Nature Bookshop says the name and you can find beautiful books exclusively about animals, regions, countries and natural phenomenon. Kids love it especially because there are a lot of books for them too.

Piazza Santa Maria delle Grazie - Via Ruffini


One of MY-MILANO.COM’s Fav Shops, is just off Corso Magenta in Via Ruffini, a small road that starts next to Santa Maria delle Grazie. Personalized travel bags, backpacks and beauty cases in different colors. You can have your name and initials embroidered on them.
A great stylish souvenir from Milan.

Corso Magenta, 56


“The Witches” is the meaning of this shop’s name, but there is no witchcraft involved – just beautiful jewelry.

Corso Magenta, 65


One of MY-MILANO.COMs favorite food locations that is already listed in our directory. A wonderful lunchbreak for the most creative Sushi in town.

Corso Magenta, 85


Another highlight from our aperitivo section. Here the aperitivo is called Wine Hour and it strictly follows the Milanese tradition - a rich buffet with warm dishes and cold "stuzzichini" like cheese, ham, pizzette and an excellent selection of wines. Wine Hour is from 6:30 p.m to 9:00 p.m. On Thursday evenings there is also life music.

Corso Magenta, 87


Another historical pastry shop and bar, that is very popular amongst the Milanese that live around Corso Magenta. It is great for aperitivo for the over 50s that don’t like the crowds and buzz to Colonial. According to me, it is best at “tea time”.

Corso Magenta, 96


A small but surprising shop where architect Paolo Badescu offers a brilliant selection of items, furniture and antiques, that bring elegance and style to your home. RAW changes its decoration and products every few months according to the season, so it is recommendable to visit this shop over and over again throughout the year.

Corso Magenta corner Corso di Porta Vercellina


Just around the corner from Biffi is this small but remarkable Boutique. An eclectic interior with a gorgeous chandelier creates the surroundings for a really special shopping experience. As the name says everything is really trendy and “dernier cri” fashion - clothes, shoes, accessories for a complete new Milanese fashion look. And if some items might seem too much for your style at least pick a pair of high heels to remember Milan’s Corso Magenta.

BNF 04/2009

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