The new Window to Eco Fashion

ECO FASHION - SLOWHITE is a new initiative of the alternative fashion fair White about which MY-MILANO.COM reported earlier in a separate article.

SLOWHITE was created to become the epicenter of sustainable Eco Fashion in order to offer the possibility to exhbit to those entrepreneurs who operate with the following principles:

- responsible innovation
- ethical commerce
- fair trade
- recycling
- bio- degradable organic and synthetic fabrics

Exhibitors included brands like Katherine Hamnett, Del Forte, From Somewhere, Gary Harvey, Kuyichi, Nature vs. Future, Noir, People Tree, Terra Plana, Environmental Justice Foundation as well as the Italian eco pioneers from Lifegate who expanded their presence on the Italian market also into Eco Fashion

Partner of Slowhite was C.L.A.S.S. creativity, lifestyle and sustainable synergy, the new international platform for the textile industry with the purpose to promote natural, organic, recycled or renewable fabrics to create innovative and more responsible products.

A glass pavilion with shabby-chic style white eco-sustainable furniture designed by Massimiliano & Martino was the setting for that event.
MY-MILANO.COM had a long chat with the representatives of Birla Cellulose from Bangalore. Birla Cellulose, of the Aditya Birla Group, is a multinational from India. Pioneers and innovators in their field, this company was presented as one of the “Golden Partners” at C.L.A.S.S. It is wonderful to see that such innovation in the manufacturing process comes from a country like India, where they too are quickly becoming aware of the ecological impact and responsibility that each of us has.

Birla Cellulose has made “going green and being responsibly creative” their motto, as Mr. Vijay Kaul, Chief Marketing Officer stated. Birla Cellulose is one of the world’s largest viscose rayon manufacturers, and the first company to develop viscose that is zinc-free. Spun Shades, its spun dyed fiber range, is also devoid of heavy meals and uses pigments which have the best color fastness and shade uniformity over extended lots.

Fabrics Birla Cellulose

The Birla Cellulose logo is inspired by nature. The circle of leaves represents the renewable and sustainable cycle of nature. The leaves represent the natural softness of the products. The vibrant field of green symbolizes contemporariness, performance and durability. Nature remains at the heart of all Birla Cellulose sub-brands: Viscose, Modal, and Excel. Eco Fashion and manufacturing an eco-sustainable product is their primary concern.

One of the beautiful Birla Pashminas

Pashmina Birla Cellulose

A Sustainable and Creative Life-style In-step with Eco Fashion

Birla Viscose, Birla Modal amd Birla Excel are designed to fit with fashion needs. The products have an exquisite feel, unmatched color brilliance and luster, offering styles with unique drape, making them the fibers of choice of the fashion industry. Modal and Excel provide for an active lifestyle for good health and balanced living through comfort wear. These fabrics are noted for their excellent breathability and good moisture management properties, a natural anti-bacterial property, and a natural ease and fluid of movement quality.

Lifegate Jeans was another product that caught our interest. Lifegate is a multibusiness project founded by Simona e Marco Roveda that is the reference point for eco-business in Italy. Starting out in 2001 with the Radio Station Lifegate Radio, this project nowadays includes also a holistic clinic, the organic restaurant Lifegate Cafè, an internet portal with music shop, a monthly magazine and projects in eco-engineering with Lifegate Engineering and energy supply with Lifegate Energy.

Lifegate Jeans is their latest project and is rigorously in line with the Lifegate Philosophy. The Jeans are entirely made in Italy and all the cotton comes from Europe, mainly from Greece, is organic and cultivated without the use of pesticides, chemical products without OGM. The fabric is dyed with pure indigo and it is washed with water and pumice stone. The same ecological criteria is also applied to the production of the buttons, zippers, stitching and labels. 5% of their profits is dedicated to a project to raise the awareness of reforestation. Apart from being a trendsetter in eco-business, Lifegate has all the potential to becoming a trendsetter in eco fashion, too.

The Jeans come in different models for men and women with different leg forms, like straight leg or tight leg, different waistlines and colors. All models have a fashionable look with the typical Italian nonchalance. At the Slowhite Lifegate Jeans also showed a range of T-shirts, of course eco sustainable, that will widen the product range.

Lifegate Jeans is a fantastic example that shows that Eco-Fashion nowadays has nothing to do with Hippie look or self-made knit sweaters and socks with lama print, don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with them, but it is trendy, chic and avant-garde not only as a philosophy but also in its look.

You can purchase Lifegate Jeans in the Lifegate-online-shop at

AM BNF 10/2007

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