Food & Drinks - Milanese Style

Food & Drinks according to Sara Not

Food & Drinks have their own "rituals" in Milan. Discover the many delicious ways to start your day, take a leisure lunch break, or meet friends for an evening aperitivo or dinner.
Follow us through the side streets of the city to hunt out that special bread shop, the freshest mozzarella, the perfect place to have lunch with business colleagues, or the coolest aperitivo spot in town.

Breakfast Bars

Where you get your morning expresso or cappuccino can make or break your day. Apart from the smile and warm greeting of "Buon Giorno!" the expresso needs to be just "so", hot, creamy and not bitter.

Coffee & Chocolate

Have a sweet tooth? No better combination than Coffee & Chocolate. There are a fantastic variety of little shops in Milan which are real boutiques for the chocolate lover. Satisfy your craving with a "great" piece of homemade chocolate.

Gelato & Cake

Who can resist? Wonder why Italian ice cream is so famous? The fresh ingredients and the passion put into making it are just a couple of the reasons. Ever had the famous Milanese Panettone or the Meneghino cake?

Specialty Food Shops

Are you looking for the right souvenir to bring home or are you searching the right ingredient for your Italian dishes? Funghi porcini, olive oil, ciabatta bread, foccacia, polenta and more. The perfect way to keep that Italian "flavor" in mind.


Need to relax and chat with friends after a long stressful day? It is Aperitivo Time! Milan is famous for its "Happy Hour" which not only includes a drink but a full buffet of great rice or pasta dishes, vegetables, small pizzas, cheeses . . .

Sports Bars

Sports bars are lively places to go to have a relaxing drink with friends and watch one of your favorite teams. Light food is often served too. Try the many varieties of beers and ales, cider & wines or a special cocktail.

Business or Formal Lunch & Dinner

Business in Milan is serious and requires just the right dose of classical style and formality if you want to convince your Italian business partners. Quiet enough to enjoy good conversation and good food these restaurants are the perfect place.

Quick Lunch

The cult lunch in Milan is a "panino", the sandwich after which an entire generation was named back in the 80's: the "Paninari". Nothing like the English or American sandwich, these combine great bread with hundreds of different fillings.

Wine Bars

Love good wine? Spend an enjoyable evening in one of Milan's great wine bars. The selection is fantastic and you can always find a good variety of simple and delicious food to accompany a glass or two.

Fish Restaurants

The fish in Milan is the freshest in Italy! At least, that is what they claim. It seems that the fishermen send their best catch to Milan every day early in the morning so that it can be served in our famous Fish Restaurants.

Casual Lunch or Dinner

Have a quiet lunch or spend an evening with friends in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. No need to be formal, go as you are and enjoy the food & drinks and the company. Here are some tips.

Romantic Dinner

Oh yes, even in busy, trendy Milan you can get Italy's romance. Here are a few suggestions for that first date, an intimate birthday celebration, an anniversary or just the right place for that "special someone".

Cult & Trendy Dining

This is what Milan is famous for. The VIPs and Fashionistas are here in the most exclusive, stylish and avant-garde interiors of the hottest restaurants in town. Be sure to get the right outfit first.

Asian & Ethnical Restaurants

Are you fed up with Pasta? Here are the best locations for Sushi, Thai, Chinese, Indian, African, Lebanese or "Fusion" food. Milan has a huge international community and the choice of food reflects this.

After Dinner

Whether it is a cocktail after dinner, listening to music or dancing 'til sunrise, Milan has plenty to offer. In the historical center of Milan or in Brera, Zona Navigli or Corso Como, Milan never sleeps, so why should you?

Private Dining

Impress your friends with a special dinner cooked by a chef at your house or create that "romantic" atmosphere in a catered diner for two. Your private chef will come to your home to cook for you.

Catering Services

Planning a party, a wedding reception, a marketing launch? Let the professional help you. Your can plan your invitation list and then enjoy the evening without the stress of doing it all yourself.

Take Away & Home Delivery

Are in the mood for an evening on the couch? That's fine, but never sacrifice quality food. Whatever your fancy, you can order a wide selection of cuisines and have them delivered to your doorstep in no time. Buon Appetito!

Cooking Classes

Do you want to try your skills at preparing some of your favorite dishes. Learn the secrets of making home-made pasta, cooking delicate fish dishes and sumptuous vegetables or creating the most impressive tiramisu! Your friends will be so envious!