The Legend of the Panettone

panettone Milan's Christmas cake


THE PANETTONE - The Famous Milanese Christmas sweet bread called 'Panettone' is now famous all over the world. There are many stories which tell of how it all began, but this one is surely the best!

It has been told that one Christmas Eve, in the court of the Duke of Milan, Ludovico il Moro, a festive banquet was being held. At the end of the meal, panic struck the entire kitchen staff as they realized that the dessert they had prepared had burnt in the hot oven. A scullery-boy named Toni had an idea. He had prepared for himself a kind of sweat bread using ingredients he had found in the kitchen, and he proposed serving this to the Duke's guests. Having no alternatives, the chef decided to take a chance. This new dessert, having a round cupola shape filled with candied fruits and butter was a great success! Everyone wanted to know what is was called and who was the chef that had created it. The proud Duke baptised it 'pan dei Toni' or Toni's bread and thus 'Panettone' from that day on became the traditional dessert for the Christmas season in Milan.

If you want to try to make one yourself, you can find the Panettone recipe here. I personally find that there are so many home-made varieties available in every pastry shop in town, that I prefer to leave it to the experts!

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