Fish Restaurants

Looking for a great fish dinner? We have scouted out the best Milanese Fish Restaurants where the catch is "fresh off the boat".


Frantoi Celletti has moved from its historical location in Via Gluck to a new location along the Naviglio Pavese which specializes in fish dishes paired with their best monocultivar olive oils. Dr. Gino Celletti, world famous food expert and official olive oil taster, will introduce you to the sublime and delightful dishes prepared with the freshest ingredients and paired with a balanced olive oil to enhance the flavor of the food.

Try the Fava Bean soup with rosemary and fresh calamari, Baked scallop in saffron cream with Botargo and crunchy Parmigiano creamy sauce, the Pink risotto with tender calamari and red salad or the Crazy water Sea Bass with cherry tomato hearts and basil. End the meal with one of their delicious desserts. My favorite is Lemon ice cream with Bosana Sardegna olive oil!

Via Ascanio Sforza 47
20136 Milano
Tel: +39 02 66983712, 02 89406038

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In Greek mythology,"Edonè" daughter of Eros and Psyche, was the Goddess of pleasure. Pleasure involves all of the senses and is an experience which is enjoyed moment by moment.
The owner, chef and staff at Edonè want you to enjoy each moment by tasting the best possible fish products available on the market. Painstaking care has been placed into each dish, whether it be one of their fabulous "antipasti" (either raw or cooked fish), pasta or rice dishes with fish, or main courses with the finest varieties of "fresh catch".
Let yourself be guided by their suggestions for an excellent white or red wine to accompany your dinner. You will not be disappointed!
To top off the evening, try one of their delicious homemade desserts like pear macedonia with red wine and cinnamon, or their famous tiramisu or white chocolate mousse.

Via Orti, 31
20122 Milano
Tel: +39 02 36534864
MM Porta Romana or MM Crocetta (Yellow Line)

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