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Gelateria dell Musica


What do you need to make a great "Gelato"?
First of all, the freshest and best seasonal ingredients, a great passion, creativity and a true home-made process from start to finish.
If you are a traditionalist, you will not be disappointed with flavors like "Crema Pestalozzi", "Pistacchio di Bronte" (with large pieces of pistachios, "Cioccolato Amedei" (for the gourmet chocolate lover), "Nocciola Pralinata" (with the best hazelnuts from Piedmont), and if you want to try something different you might want to taste their "Mascarpone Miele e Noci", "Crema Chantilly al Vino Cotto", or "Cioccolato Vodka Fragola".
Whatever you choose, the first taste will surely bring a smile to your face.
After your ice cream, take a stroll over the Naviglio Grande pedestrian bridge to the small church of San Cristoforo sul Navigli to see the splendid frescos inside.

Via Pestalozzi, 4
20143 Milano
MM Porta Genova (Green Line)
Tram 2, Bus 74,


This is truly a chocolate and ice cream lover's heaven! Thanks to the famous artisan "chocolatier", Sivio Bessone, only the finest beans are selected to become chocolate. You can see how precious chocolate is here as it is kept in a "vault" in white chocolate or dark chocolate bars. Stop by for your favorite chocolate ice cream: there are six different versions of chocolate alone! Other special treats include crepes with melted chocolate, chocolate pasta, and a spectacular fruit pyramid with a cascade of melted chocolate. Stop by; you will not be disapointed.

Via De Amicis, 25
20123 Milano
MM S. Ambrogio (Green Line)


Just two steps away from Basilica St.Ambrogio you can visit one of the best ice cream parlors in Milan. Not only the ice cream is fantastic, also the interior design is spectacular. Being so close to the University Cattolica ORO COLATO is of course the meeting point for all the students. And please don't wait until summer. ORO COLATO offers yummy crepes, if you need something warm.

Via San Vittore, 2
20123 Milano
MM S. Ambrogio (Green Line)

gelato flavors


Gelato made in the old Italian traditional way with local organic ingredients rigorously without artificial colors or additives– that is how one could describe GROM but it doesn’t say it all. Grom’s Ice Cream is not comparable to anything else.
Founded in Turin in 2003 Grom has made its way through the last years not only in Milan and Turin but also on the Upper West Side of NY, winning awards such as “Slow Food- Master of Food” in 2005 and 2006 and they do not stop here. They just bought farmland near Asti where they will cultivate the fruit used for the production of their Gelato.
My family is already addicted to Grom and hardly a day passes that we don’t stop there on our way home from school for the famous Italian “merenda”.
My favorite flavor of gelato? “Cioccolato extra-noir” – and the world looks different.
Oh, and by the way – the queuing is worth the wait!

Via Alberto da Giussano, 1
20145 Milano
MM Conciliazione (Red Line)

Via S. Margherita, 16
20121 Milano
MM Duomo (Red Line)

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