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Strawberries and Carrots means the name of this lunch bar, that also does take away and home delivery. And of course, FRAGOLE E CAROTE offers the healthy choice for lunch. Dishes based on fruit and vegetables only, like smoothies, juices, salads, fruit salads, fresh fruit and much more. So if you are fed up with Pizza and Pasta this is the place to go.

Via Albricci, 2
20121 Milano
MM Missori (Yellow Line)

Via San Vittore, 2
20123 Milano
MM S. Ambrogio (Green Line)


This shop offers fresh hand made pasta that you can buy and prepare at home but you can also have a meal right there. There are only a few seats, so it is not always easy to get one but in any case it is worth while.

Via Ariberto, 17
20123 Milano
MM S. Agostino (Green Line)

Jungle Juice logo


Quick, healthy and delicious. Jungle Juice prepares a quick lunch to eat right on the spot or to take away, all rigorously healthy based on fresh fruit or vegetables. Choose between different fruit salads, fruit smoothies, vegetable wraps, healthy bagels or create your personal yogurt with fruit or cereals. My personal favorite: Jogurtone with fruit, preferably Strawberries or a "Coccinella" smoothie.

Via Dogana,1
20123 Milano
MM Duomo (Red or Yellow Line)

OBIKA' - Mozzarella Bar

OBIKA' is all about mozzarella. No not ordinary mozzarella but the original DOP Buffalo milk Mozzarella from the region Campania.

In a space that at first sightly looks like a Sushi bar, Obika' proposes Mozzarella in all variations, with prosciutto ham, with rocket leaf salad, with tomatoes and more. A delicious and light alternative for lunch with genuine products that arrive fresh every day.

Via Mercato corner Via Fiori Chiari
20120 Milano
MM Lanza (Green Line)

Panino Giusto logo


When the first Panino Giusto shop opened in February of 1979 the owners certainly did not expect that they would have had such a long and constant success. In those years restaurants and pizzerias closed their doors before midnight and the equivalent of sandwich bars or wine bars did not yet exist. The first Panino Giusto was opened in Corso Garibaldi and here young people gathered for a night snack as it stayed open till late and it soon became quite trendy. The “winning formula” seems to be fresh fragrant bread with a wide variety of fillings, always abundant and creatively combined: fresh meats, vegetables, cheeses, and sauces. It is NOT a “sandwich” it is a PANINO. Try one and you will see and taste the difference.
My favorite? . . .the “Garibaldino” with bresaola, mozzarella, rucola, tomato and oil. Delicious!

There are 5 locations now in Milan:
Brera, (the original) in Corso Garibaldi 125, (MM Porta Garibaldi -Green Line)
Duomo , in Piazza Beccaria, (MM Duomo -Red Line/Yellow Line)
Navigli , in Piazza XXIV Maggio 4, (MM Porta Genova- Green Line)
Vercelli in via Cherubini 8, (MM Pagano – Red Line)
Porta Venezia, in via Malpighi 3, (MM Porta Venezia – Red Line)

Fruteiro Brazilian fruit and Juice


The first Brazialian "Sucos Bar" in Milan where you can get a variety of exotic and native fruits to drink. Thirst quenching and full of vitamins, these drinks will help you get through your busy day. Try these fruits at lunch with yoghurt and cereals, or as an afternoon "pick-me-up", a healthy aperitivo or dessert.

Via Cesare Correnti 2,
20123 Milano


Want to take a break from your shopping spree? Visit the basement level of the COIN department store in Piazza 5 Giornate where you will find a super "Gourmet" shop & food counter where you can taste the daily specialties, have a coffee break, or a relaxing glass of wine and cheese. You will certainly be tempted to take home a "Taste of Italy" from their assortment of exclusive foods. - Open 7 days a week from 10 am to 8 pm.

EATALY - COIN department Store
Piazza 5 Giornate
Basement Floor -1
20129 Milano
Trams 29, 30, 9, 27, 12, Bus 60, 73


Ecological Gastronomy means a small take away with strictly organic and biological food. The ideal spot to get a healthy lunch or something to take home if you don't want to prepare anything for yourself.

Via Tortona 20
20144 Milano
MM Porta Genova (Green Line)

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