Wine Bars

Enjoy the finest wines paired with delicious food in a warm and cosy environment. Milan has fine Wine Bars run by very knowledgeable staff who can help you select the pefect wine for your mood.


Come to the Enoteca Boscogrosso in the Navigli area of town. In this small but delightfully warm and cosy wine bar you will find an incredible selection of both red and white wines. Pair this with a platter of freshly sliced cold cuts like prosciutto, salame or mortadella with truffles or even better try one of their special "Polenta" dishes.
Let the experts guide you in a selection of excellent wines to accompany your dinner. You will not be disappointed!

Via Giacomo Watt, 14
20143 Milano
Tel: +39 02 49471224
MM Romolo or MM Porta Genova (Green Line)
Bus 74, 95, Tram 2

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