Identità Golose
The world’s top-name chefs take the stage in Milan

Heston Blumenthal, Alex Atala, Lidia Bastianich, Andoni Luis Aduriz, Gualtiero Marchesi, Jacques Décoret.... 

From Sunday 27 to Wednesday 30 January 2008, the focus is on food, as some of the restaurant world’s most innovative practitioners reveal new directions in contemporary international cuisine. The event? The annual Identità Golose conference to be held at the Milan Stock Exchange building. Where Spain has Lo Mejor de la Gastronomia and Madrid Fusion, and France boasts Omnivore, Italy has Identità Golose.
Identità Golose has - in just four years - become a key source for what’s hot on the cuisine scene.
While eighteen of the world’s most adventurous and innovative chefs made presentations at the debut edition of Identità Golose in 2005, for the 2008 edition no fewer than 70 of the leading names in the field are preparing to take the stage.
Quality and innovation are the watchwords at Identità Golose. Providing a stimulus to practitioners and enthusiasts alike, the conference seeks to identify the underlying trends that will provide practical inspiration for chefs worldwide, as well as endless delights for their customers.
Attending Identità Golose means becoming involved in the everyday experience of all the people who dedicate their lives to preparing good food to the best of their ability. Which means not just the internationally-renowned star chefs, of course, but all the others too. From pastry cooks, through ice-cream makers, to those who bake the bread.
They will be stepping up to the podium during the four-day conference to demonstrate a favorite recipe, to explain a new technique, to illustrate the use of an unusual addition to the batterie de cuisine, or to reveal a special approach to a material.

Thanks to a maxi-screen behind the presenter, the audience - which consists of fellow chefs as well as the world’s press - does not miss a thing. Achieving that delicate balance between the best of both worlds: applying innovative, “out of the box” thinking to the best of the tradition is the rationale of Identità Golose. 

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27 to 30 January 2008

Palazzo Mezzanotte piazza Affari 6
MM Cordusio (Red Line
MM Duomo (Yellow Line)
Trams 1, 2, 3, 4, 12, 14, 24,16

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