More Fun for Kids in Milan


Funlab is an adventure characterized by creativity, imagination, colors and fun. It was started by two young women: Alison and Donatella, who had the desire to keep kids busy and happy while promoting the development of their artistic capabilities.
Take a look at the website for their calendar of weekly workshops in English, special themed craft days and holiday craft events where fun is guaranteed!
Wondering where to plan your child's next birthday party? Come to Funlab where the entire party can be planned around a craft session, or a special theme.
Funlab is also an online shop for exclusive American craft and art supplies which cannot be found elsewhere. Come visit the shop in the center of Milan, see the art supply products and toys on sale and discover how much fun it is to create your own crafts.

Visit their new toy shop in Via San Michele del Carso 2, Piazzale Baracca.

Via Gorani, 5
20123 Milano
Tel.: 02 39831027
MM Cairoli, MM Cordusio (Red Line)
Funlab Website


Mini Art Factory, run by Daniela and Arek, is an artistic Lab which offers workshops and courses for children from 1 to 12.
Choose from one of the many programs like "Creative Lab", "English Lab", "Baby Art", or special weekend workshops or "artistic" Sundays. You and your friends can also organize your own creative workshop with the Mini Art Factory staff.
Is your birthday coming up? Why not plan a fun party with a theme and coordinated activities. Whatever you needs, contact the Mini Art Factory for suggestions and custom-made events.

Via Gaudenzio Ferrari (corner of Genova)
20123 Milano
Tel.: 02 3981 1862
MM S. Agostino (Green Line)

Verdeacqua at the Acquario di Milano

Come to the Aquarium in Milan for the most spectacular birthday parties ever. According to age, there are three fantastic programs to choose from: BABY ACQUARIO PARTY (from 2 to 3 years old), HAPPYFISH (from 4 to 6 years old), and OCEANPARTY (from 7 to 10 years old).
Call for more infromation and to book the space.

Verdeacqua c/o Acquario di Milano
Viale Gadio 2
20121 Milano
tel: 02 80.44.87
MM Lanza (Green Line)
Bus 57, Tram 2, 4, 12, 14


La casetta di Via Cirillo offers creative workshops and art classes for kids and adults.From the age of 2 kids can participate in workshops based on experiencing material and color. For the older ones from the age 3 to 6 there are classes that teach the first techniques on color and sculpting and for the age group from 6 to 10 there are classes that teach painting, terra-cotta work and nature drawing as well as a theatre workshop.
La casetta di Via Cirillo also organizes fantastic birthday parties as well, where the little guests can create their own souvenir and take it home.

Via Domenico Cirillo, 14
20154 Milano
Tel.: 327.327.1045
Tram 1, Bus 57 - 61

means signs and drawings and it is a creative workshop that organizes art and craft classes for kids but also for adults. Each season has its own workshops like how to create special Christmas decorations. Painting, drawing, painting on T-Shirts and clay modeling are other classes that they offer. Most classes are for kids from age 5-12. Some classes are held throughout the year on a weekly basis, others are one day only. But all of them are great fun.
The absolute highlight of Segni Disegni are their birthday parties. Yes, you can organize your private creative birthday party there and choose under a wide range of themes like creating a play book, creating cartoon animals or celebrating with "Tick", the magician.

Via Cesare da Sesto corner Via Daniele Crespi
20123 Milano
MM S. Agostino (Green Line)
Tel. 328 4414089

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