Magic for Kids

Rob the Magician

Looking for a fun and entertaining experience for your child and their friends? Perfect for birthday parties, schools or special events, Rob the Magician can stage humorous magic shows with balloon animals and lots of fun.

Rob the Magician’s show is always packed full of excitement, laughs, mayhem and magic. It's a complete children's show, and includes juggling and balloons, as well as hilarious and mysterious magic tricks that keep the children spellbound.

Lots of audience participation:
Rob's philosophy behind his performance is that the children should participate in the show as much as possible. And participate they do! The entire audience is encouraged to call out magic words, wave their arms, make funny magical movements and help out with the show by making the magic happen. Children from the audience are brought on stage throughout the performance to assist. It's fun and active and everyone stays involved.

It's the FUNNY magic show:
Rob is a funny magician. The children laugh constantly at his silly antics. He can't seem to make the magic happen without the children helping him. When he tries to do things by himself, the equipment breaks or the trick simply doesn't work. But when the children are helping him, everything is successful and truly magical. The kids love this aspect of the show.

Rob Fleming is a Canadian magician and entertainer has been performing for audiences of all ages since he was a teenager. Rob is a long time member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

For more information see Rob the Magician Website and contact Rob at: +39 345 660 0766.

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