Yes it is true. Milan is not one of the greenest cities in the world. But still there are a lot of hidden parks that are private property or only known to insiders. All Parks in Milan have one thing in common: a certain percentage of all park areas are dedicated to dogs. These areas are fenced and so your pet can run free inside and have it's fun too.
So after you have been to Parco Sempione and Giardini Publici try this...


Palazzo delle Stelline is a well known Congress Center just a few steps away from the famous Santa Maria delle Grazie. When you are standing in front of it watching business men going in and out and even after sneaking through the front door you would not imagine that you could enter with children. But if you do enter and if you do pass the long corridor that leads you past offices and congress hall you arrive at the back door that leads you out to the garden. This garden is one of those that is only accessible for participants of the meetings and for children to play. There are no toys or playground facilities just a beautiful lawn and a lot of kids from the neighborhood. One of them will surely have a ball or invent a game. It's a great place to make local friends in the mornings, especially for toddlers and after 4 pm when the Italian schools finish for schoolkids as well.

Palazzo delle Stelline
Corso Magenta 61
MM Conciliazione (Red Line)


Piazza Niccolo Tommaseo is not only one of the most beautiful squares in Milan but it is also one of the hottest meeting places for kids. Being in an area where several private schools are located and hosting on one of it's corners one of the poshest children's outfitters "Pupi Solari" Piazza Niccolo Tommaseo became the spot for seeing and beeing seen for the so called "Milano bene": Milan's Upper Class. It is great for riding a bike, going on Inline Skates, playing ball games especially soccer, yeah were in Italy, and for the mums to have a look on the latest trends in kids fashion not only at the shop "Pupi Solari" but in real life on the streets worn by the kids that play there.

Piazza Niccolo Tommaseo
access via: Via Mascheroni, Via Petrarca, Via Tamburini
MM Cadorna (Red Line)


This is probably the most beautiful park in Milan, with a Fish Pond from the 6th Century in a Baroque stile, which is beautified in springtime by the flowering Lotus plants. This public garden was created in 1555 by the by Countess Paola Ludovica Torelli della Guastalla. The park develops over different levels that are connected with steps and stone balustrades and extends over a surface area of 12,000 square metres.
There are no playgrounds, so it is a park that is more suitable for quiet moments, for a picnic or a good book or a leisurely walk.

Giardino della Guastalla
gates: Via Francesco Sforza, Via San Barnaba, Via Guastalla
MM Crocetta (Yellow Line)


Parco Solari is a multifunctional green area, with a football field, several playgrounds each of them dedicated to a different age group and a covered swimming pool. It is great for cycling and ball games and there are excellent ice cream parlors in the streets around it. So get an ice cream and take it to the park.

Parco Solari
access via: Via Solari, Viale Coni Zugna, Via Valparaiso, Via Foppa, Via Montevideo
MM S. Agostino (GreenLine)


This park is right in the center of the city and is cut into two parts by the inner circle that leads around the historic center of Milan. The park got its name from Basilica di San Lorenzo that is on one side of the park and Basilica di Sant'Eustorgio that is at the other end. The park has a wide green area that is suitable for jogging and ball games. After playing look at Piazza Vetra and the San Lorenzo Columns that are just close by.

Parco delle due Basiliche
gates: Via Molino delle Armi, Via Santa Croce
MM Missori (Yellow Line)
MM S. Ambrogio (Green Line)

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