Rain, rain, rain.....

Rain, rain, rain and rain – that was May and the first week of June in Milan. At a time of the year when it should be very warm or hot and people on weekends should go to the seaside, this year Milan felt like London. And the forecasts say that it is not the end yet.

But while elsewhere the ladies get depressed and stay at home with a cup of tea the chic Milanese ladies did not despair because they couldn’t wear their René Caovilla sandals and their beloved Ballerina’s they simply created a new cult - rain boots, Wellies as the English say. What has always been normal to wear in Britain or Germany because of the bad weather was so far a fashion No No in elegant Milan. But this year one shoe shop owner has either magically foreseen the bad weather period or is a rain god himself, and so he started to import the “Hunter” boots and the Milanese loved them ….

So this year’s spring cult shoes are definitely the “Hunters” and it has to be them and only them.They are available in wonderful colors and they look stylish with jeans tucked in but also with skirts that end just above the knee.

If you want to get the Milanese look you can also buy them online www.wellie-boots.com and don’t forget to buy a pair for your kids as well.

And even if the rain should stop, don't worry the "Hunter" - cult will definitely go on in autumn.

BNF June 08

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