Schools & Courses

Looking for a good international school for your children, or a place to study Italian? There is a large selection of schools and courses to choose from according to your interests and location. Thinking of building a Blog and need some computer lessons? Want to learn how to make a real Cotoletta alla Milanese with a great Risotto Giallo ?

Are you interested in Yoga, Kick boxing, Ayurveda courses or Reiki? Milan is the right city and you can find these courses both in English OR in Italian. Is gardening your thing? Interested in creative writing, acting? Are you looking for a summer camp for your children? Find out more below.

English Nursey Schools

Looking for an English Nursery School for your child? It is never too early to learn English and playing is the best way to do it. Milan offers a range of qualified nursery schools where English is the focus.

International Schools

The range of international schools in Milan is vast and if you are looking for the right school for your children you will want to take into consideration several factors: the location of the school, its program, extracurricular activities and sports offered, and their faculty.

Summer Camps

Summer Camps for all ages and interests. Plan now for the next experience. Looking for a summer camp for your children? They have fun while improving their English, learning to play tennis, soccer, or while singing and dancing. Take a look at the latest offers.

Language Schools

You may be looking for a school to learn Italian, or to perfect your English if you are not mother-tongue. Milan is a multi-ethnic city so you may want to learn other European languages or even something more exotic.

Art & Design Schools

Milan and Italy in general are well-known for their rich artistic history and craftsmen. Why not take advantage of the design atmosphere and sign up for a course in jewelry making, painting, photography, fashion design, interior design, etc. There are many schools which offer courses for everyone: from beginner to master levels.