Photographers & Artists

Nancy Fina, Fashion and Advertising photographer. She combines the American joy of life with an Italian visual aesthetics. Her work shows a unique feminine sensitivity with a harmonious use of light and color. Nancy is able to create a powerful and unmistakable visual impact with every image. She works in Milan and around the world creating glamorous images for international advertising campaigns, catalogues and editorials. She and her staff are able to furnish the entire production, styling, make-up and hair, model casting, locations, trips and post production.
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Thomas Libisweski, in art Thomas Libis, is a Swiss born photographer and creative artist who lives in Milan. His keen eye and dramatic lighting capture the esssence of products and environments and bring them to life. Studio Libis has an extensive range of Photographic experience from fashion, to sill life, interiors, furniture, and objects as well as being a Motion Picture Specialist.
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David Wayne Callahan was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland U.S.A. but has been living and working in Europe since the 1990’s. He expatriated to Italy in 2002 and lives in Milan on the Martesana Canal designed by Leonardo Da Vinci which is a perfect setting for his professional career. David is an actor and a painter. He works on stage and on TV as well as teaching acting and public speaking for executives in English. One of his loves is painting and he can create a unique portrait for you or as a gift either from a photo or direct sitting. For more information and bookings and to be put on the mailing list for David’s next exhibit, contact David Wayne Callahan.

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