Giovanna is a brilliant and creative woman whose work runs along two distinct paths. One is a look to the past, custom jewelry with engravings and enamels and the second, launched towards the future in a quest for modernity, simplicity and linearity. Her showroom and workshop is in the center of Milan in a characteristic Milanese courtyard with arches and columns. Her shop window is also very discreet with an elegant play of transparencies with single pieces suspended in space.

Via Medici 7
20123 Milano
Tel: 02 89096444 (call for appointment)
MM Duomo (Red line), MM Sant Agostino (Green Line)
Trams 2, 3, 14

Logo DDM


Jewelry Designer Daniela de Marchi finds her inspiration in natural materials like fruit and corals and creates pieces of jewelry from brass, silver and bronze in warm nuances that glow with light. All pieces have a contemporary design with some references to the antique. Matching burnished finishes and of colored enamels with a wide selection of colored stones lets you mix and match and create your personal piece of jewelry. In Milan you can visit their new showroom and workshop and see how the pieces are made.

Via dei Piatti, 9
20123 Milano
MM Duomo (Red or Yellow Line)
Trams 2, 3, 14


Beautiful handmade jewelry that plays with an innovative material mix of natural elements such as wood, stone, wool and silk and modern elements such as acrylic and metal. Located in the famous "Zona Tortona" noted for its modern mixture of design, fashion and craftsmen.

Via Savona 17
20144 Milano
MM Sant' Agostino or MM Porta Genova (Green Line)

UNGER - Embroidery Supplies and Costume Jewelry
Founded in 1875 this business has been family run ever since. Starting out with embroidery supplies Unger nowadays, under the guidance of company and creative director Maria Pia Rossi, also creates and sells their own line of Costume Jewelry that is outstanding in its combination of colors and materials. Due to Maria Pia’s excellent taste, the Unger collection has nothing to do with cheap fake gems, nor with a replacement of real jewels but is meant to complement high quality fashion as an aesthetic accessory.

Piazzale Baracca, 10
MM Conciliazione (Red Line)

If you feel confident and creative enough try to make your own jewels.

Show Room, Workshop and Embroidery and Jewelry Supplies
Via Montevideo, 7
MM Sant Agostino (Green Line)

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