Is It Almost Spring in Milan?

Can it be Spring? Maybe just wishful thinking, as the days get longer and the temperature gets a bit warmer.

The city is surviving the winter pollution, or at least we hope that the Eco Pass will in some way allow us and our kids to breathe a cleaner air.

The winter sales are coming to an end - This is your last chance to get some really good deals on winter clothing for next year! The spring collections are already out in the shops too.

What is in the works for the next few months?

Fashion is one of the key focal points, naturally, as Milan has quite a few "fashion" oriented trade fairs and events planned for the next few months. There will be the "Alta Moda" or "High Fashion" of the masters as well as the Ready-to-Wear lines. This will be presented in several venues in Milan, not only at the Fiera di Milan, but in showrooms and villas all around. Accessories, such as shoes and bags will be the center of attention at MIPEL and MICAM and the return of furs and leathers will be featured at MIFUR.

Italy and tourism will be the center of attention in "Buy Italy" at the BIT - Borsa del Turismo which will be this month in Milan. Tour Operators and Travel specialists from all over the world will be coming to see what the country has to offer for the coming year. With the EURO so strong, Italy faces some tough competition from places like Central and South America, or Asia, and Italy will probably have to direct its market away from mass tourism and more towards a refined and selective tourist interested in experiencing the "Italian Lifestyle".

Although April is only a couple of months away, the city is already writhing anxiously as the famous "Salone del Mobile" - Milan Furniture Fair is making its preparations to overwhelm the design public with its new and innovative products. The hotel rooms in the city are already fully booked for this week! Where will all the visitors to town be sleeping? Got an extra bed?

AM Feb. 08

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