Wake up Milan

It may seem incredible for those of you who do not know the Italian way of taking their vacations - "Le Ferie", but after a dormant month of closed local shops, newsstands, bread shops, and even gas stations, Milan is FINALLY coming to life again.

The shopkeepers start by taking the paper off their shop window, cleaning up the sidewalks in front of the stores, filling their shops with fresh, or new seasonal products. Milan wakes up!!

Hardly has it time enough to open its "eyes" and Milan is back in full swing thrust in the "Fashion Oriented" September. Yes, Milan loves to think of itself as the capital of Fashion - and indeed, September in Milan with all of its International trade fairs from, textiles to accessories to the Shoe Fair and the Bag Fair, to runway shows, to Pret-a-porter, to Jewelry and machinery. It is all here and ALL in September!!

We will be out their hunting down the most interesting new trends, and events, and new products. Check out the first issue of our newsletter - in October with all the insights!

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