Up and Down Zona Tortona on an ordinary Day - Part 2

Via Savona - moving downwards from Via Stendhal to Porta Genova

Via Savona, 57


Light mediterranean cuisine is the theme of this stylish lunch cafè and restaurant without making sacrifices on behalf of taste and exquisiteness. The service is excellent, friendly and helpful in the selection of the best dish for your mood. A great selection of wine, even by the glass, makes everyone happy. FIORE is also open in the evening.

Via Savona, 53


This firm was established in 1999 with the aim of giving life to a "renaissance-like" laboratory where garden designers, landscape architects, agronomists and professional gardeners plan, design and build gardens, terraces and outdoor spaces in general. They provide assistance from site surveys, projects, design, construction down to maintenance of the garden. Projects range from smaller spaces, both traditional and modern, up to larger gardens, county parks and environmental projects.

Via Savona, 41


The name is a ironic word game playing with the name of a famous french sportswear brand and the Italian word "cozze" that means mussels. And as the name of the restaurant implies mussels is what you get.

Via Savona corner Via Montevideo


A real Irish Pub in Milan. Of course it does not close as early and it has an Italian apritivo buffet but for the rest it is authentic.


Still one of MY-MILANO.COMs favorites. Fantastic for breakfast because people actually sit down and fantastic for an afternoon tea. Nice but crowded at aperitivo hour - one of the rare places that does not have a buffet but serves a fresh selection of meat, vegetables and fruit directly at the table. Beautiful at dinnertime.

Via Savona, 19


Life design, ceramics design, glass design, carpet design, fashion design, art design, jewel design. All this is part of the TRACE store a unique concept store that presents new Italian and International designers. From cutlery to fashion and from lighting to household appliances, all products fit in as long as the design is extraordinary.

Via Savona, 17


Beautiful handmade jewelry that plays with an innovative material mix of natural elements such as wood, stone, wool and silk and modern elements such as acrylic and metal.

Via Savona, 11


Brand New and a key location in Via Savona. MY-MILANO.COM has already written about its opening

Via Savona, 10


Excellent fish restaurant with a casual style and an interior that recalls a ship. The fish is prepared on a counter in the middle of the restaurant, so you can watch while you wait.

Via Savona, 2


Small but beautiful bar with a wide range of cocktails and Happy Hour every day from 18:00 to 22:00. The interior has nothing to do with frogs.

Via Savona, 1


The interior is extravagant and 70's style with chandeliers and red as the dominant color. The cocktails are fantastic and so is the buffet.

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